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Ludum dare you say? You don’t know what it is? That’s a jam where many game developers around the world join and make games in 48/72 hours.

This was my first time to join and I am so happy about it. You can see my entry here. This zip contains an exe file for windows, an apk for android, and a jar for other platforms. You can open the jar by double clicking or opening it with java from the terminal (java -jar OktumBoktum_Desktop.jar).

You can play the game online as well. Give it a shot?

I used the super fast framework called libGDX.


What have I learned and why I think all game developers should join:

I have been making a game for quite some time as you see it in this site’s homepage. I don’t have a lot of time to put into it. Then I joined ludum dare 26. I was able to make a simple yet quite addictive game in less than 21 hours from scratch. This includes sound, music, graphics, designing, and everything else. This means we developers just need a good push, some good reasons to motivate ourselves. That’s all we need.

So next time, I urge you to join. You know why? Because time is short and this is our type of fun!